Responsible Tourism

Nepal is blessed with natural resources and therefore is rich in biodiversity. The contrasting nature of topographies in Nepal engenders diverse ecosystem and unique ethnic groups along with distinctive culture and tradition. From the majority of the tallest mountains in the Himalayas to the low grasslands of Terai, Nepal is filled with natural resources, rare and diversified wildlife that are not only consequential but are also very fragile due to excessive consumption and carelessness by human beings.

At Higher Path our commitment and dedication towards supporting and most importantly respecting the environment we live in lies at the very base of our morals and work ethics. We believe responsible tourism practices promises a better future for which we make sure to include different practices and approaches that aim to minimize environmental impacts and also empowers the localities we visit.

Higher Path Responsible Tourism Practices and Tips

Following are some of the few practices that Higher Path adapts in its operations in order to provide clients with both fun and responsible travel.

  1. Firewood is one of the major sources of air pollution and the major cause of deforestation. Therefore, we choose lodges that are more responsible towards their environment. This way we encourage lodges to use any other alternative fuel sources. Likewise, for entertainment purposes such as camping and bonfire, we use LPG gas or kerosene stoves.
  2. One of the major sources of pollution in tourist areas are littering, a majority of which is plastic. Thus, we encourage our clients as well as our staffs to carry a personal reusable water bottle along with a water purification system.
  3. We encourage travelers to save water and minimize the number of showers and washing throughout the trip. Similarly, travelers are suggested to carry eco- friendly shampoos and detergents to keep the impacts on the environment as minimal as possible.
  4. Biodiversity is the very essence of nature. Therefore, we make sure we do not hamper the vegetation, shrubs and the overall life cycle of plants in any way while walking through the trails. Also, we do not disturb the habitat of wild animals, so we encourage travelers to be gentle and quiet when we walk through the forests.
  5. Development of the villages and its people is one of our main concerns. Hence, we encourage travelers to shop local and communicate with the people to share their ideas and knowledge. We also make sure that we include the local manpower in our trips to uplift their livelihood.
  6. Respecting the privacy and culture of the local people is a must. So, we encourage travelers to be cautious about what they wear because the communities can be quite sensitive about their culture and clothing.
  7. We always encourage our clients to be more respectful and polite towards the local people. So, asking for permission before taking a picture is a must.
  8. As they say “change starts with you” and therefore we make sure that our own staffs, guides, and porters are satisfied in every way possible and are well trained to adapt responsible work ethics and practices.


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