The main goal of Higher Path Treks is to provide our customers with topnotch services and a generous and warm hospitality. Our dedicated team of experts strive to provide clients with a safe and comfortable environment, for which we work efficiently and improve ourselves with every trip we provide. Our work ethics and values are what drives us to operate and design responsible tourism that takes into account the conservation and betterment of Mother Nature.

Higher Path Treks holds immense pride on the quality of service that it provides to its clients. However, our aim is to improve ourselves and broaden our horizon by incorporating and sharing our journey with people from around the world and work for a better future of the nation.

Why Partner with us?


Safety and Security first

Health, safety, and security is our topmost priority as any trip can lead to unfortunate incidents if not operated carefully. The safety of not only our clients but also our staffs has motivated us in hiring professionally trained guides and experts who have excelled in first aid, altitude sickness and many other safety approaches.

Personalized Service/Private Groups

Personalized service helps fulfill the requirements of each individual client’s requirements and demands. Our goal is to provide our clients with as much flexibility as we can. We believe that the best person to design the travelers image of a perfect journey is the traveler himself and we are here to successfully deliver it.

Business with Social Causes

The company has been attaining its corporate social responsibility by conducting various projects that have helped in the development of villages and its people. The Karma Project is one of the projects of Higher Path that has not only provided aids to Sibuje Village but has also opened employment opportunities, empowered women and provided facilities of the school, hospitals, and electricity.

Responsible Tourism

The services we provide and the operations we conduct demonstrates a fine understanding of social and environmentally responsible tourism. We encourage our clients and staffs to be considerate and conscious of the environment, also concurrently conduct the treks with minimal environmental impacts.

Add in option

The flexibility of itineraries is of an utmost importance for a fulfilled journey. Therefore, we allow trekkers to add in extra activities such as sightseeing, hiking, short tour around the valley and many more in the remaining hours of our expected/ prepared itinerary. This gives an additional and unexpected bliss to the travelers.

Experienced team

We believe that our core values and belief as a team is what drives us to achieve our goals. Therefore, a team of dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic professionals is there for the clients at all times. A proper guidance and fast-tracked communication from the experts assist in achieving a memorable and obstacle-free trek.

Culture tours and adventure holidays

Nepal is diverse in terms of culture and tradition and to explore all of it in a short period of time is a challenging task. However, our itineraries are crafted considering the travelers to gain a priceless insight into an impeccable culture and lifestyle of Nepal. All of our packages are specially designed to explore the untouched and mysterious regions of the country.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our mission is to operate treks committing to the development of local communities as well as planning itineraries that involves sustainable traveling practices. Our staffs abide by the standard rules and regulations and our overall business perspective revolves around benefiting both the company and the society.

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